Incident Report: Partial Incident in Widget Caused by Second Widget Issue with Safari Sandboxing Limitations
Incident Report for Hoory
Incident Summary:

Date of Incident: 2024-07-10
Affected Version: v3.12.3
Incident Description:
On 2024-07-10, following the release of version 3.12.3, a partial incident was detected in the primary widget. This incident was traced back to an issue in a secondary widget, compounded by Safari's sandboxing limitations. The primary widget experienced degraded functionality, leading to a suboptimal user experience.

Root Cause:
The incident originated from a compatibility issue in the secondary widget, which surfaced only under the constraints imposed by Safari's sandboxing. This issue was introduced with the latest release (v3.12.3) and primarily affects users accessing the application via Safari.


Users Affected: Approximately 30% of users utilizing Safari.
System Downtime: No complete downtime, but partial functionality degradation.
User Impact: Reduced performance and occasional widget failures in Safari.
Resolution Timeline:

Temporary Mitigation Deployment: 2024-07-11
Permanent Fix Development Start: 2024-07-11
Posted Jul 10, 2024 - 12:30 UTC