Push Notifications Disruption on iOS, Android, and Browser for Hoory
Incident Report for Hoory
On the 28th of June, Hoory experienced an issue with push notifications across iOS, Android, and browser platforms due to changes in Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) protocols. This incident affected all users relying on push notifications for real-time updates and alerts from the Hoory app and web service.

Incident Description:
Users started reporting that they were not receiving push notifications from the Hoory app on iOS and Android devices, as well as from the browser notifications. The technical team promptly initiated an investigation and identified that the root cause was recent updates to the FCM protocols which were not compatible with our existing implementation.

iOS Users: All push notifications were disrupted, leading to users missing critical real-time updates.
Android Users: Similar to iOS, Android users did not receive push notifications.
Browser Users: Browser push notifications were also affected, impacting users who rely on desktop notifications.
Posted Jun 30, 2024 - 14:41 UTC